We are Active Holiday 4U

Who We Are

What does it mean to travel abroad? An exciting experience? Discovering a new world? Learning about different cultures? Relaxation and happiness? All of these, and more.

Our company has organised tours to Europe in recent years including to: Poland in the fabulous Tatra Mountains with sightseeing in Krakow; Bulgaria in the untouched Pirin National Park with an excursion to Sofia; Rila or wine town Melnik; Romania in the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains with connected Brasov; Bucharest, sightseeing; Hungary in Lake Balaton District, Danube Bend area with amazing Budapest sightseeing and in Sopron with a connected tour to the Austrian Alps, Vienna and Bratislava.

Every year, there are some brand new destinations, for example - to Slovenia in the beautiful Julian Alps with a connected voyage to romanticist Venice, not to mention Croatia next to the Adriatic sea with visiting the famous waterfalls.

Most of the walking holidays contain several walking levels, all of them have guided tours. We have the experience to organise the holiday your particular group would like to experience, tailored to the dates and specification you desire. Our goal is to meet the needs of specific groups with high-quality services.

There are some leisurely sightseeing vacations you can join in as well; for example, our New Year's Eve programme is well-loved, our guests' references and comments always attest to their contentment.