Welcome to a different sort of team building

Marianna Borbely

10th October, 2018

So why have you come here?

You know your product or service is the best. You’ve perfected your strategy and your company’s image is becoming respected.

No doubt, you have invested a good amount of time building the team you want around you, and under you. We often say we can choose our friends, but not our family… and we often feel like that about colleagues, too. Maybe your team members honestly feel quite like that some days. You yourself know why they are chosen, you know how great they each can be, and you know that working together effectively they could be even greater.

They don’t see it as clearly as you do… not yet, anyway.

So you are wanting some team building or bonding time. Of the myriad of options on offer… where do you start? You know the last thing you need is something lame, that will reflect badly on you as the instigator.

Bernard Montgomery spoke of leadership as “the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose”. Too often, the team-building event is used as a last-ditch attempt to resuscitate a team with failing leadership. Be the best leader you can be, and choose the best team building event you can find, so you will be the one they stay with, and the investment will be long-lasting and not short-lived, or at worst, back-fire.

Li Hung once said, “There are only three kinds of people – those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move them.”

If your strategy to “move” your “them” in the direction you want is both long- term and daily, inspirational and practical, you are already ahead of the game.

Add in a corporate event to brush off the cobwebs, burn in the message, and energise the troops and you’re in for a touch-down.

So, what are you hoping for?

You want the moments your team spend together in the event to set an enlivening tone for many, many months to come.

So dream big on what you are wanting out of this event. Sit back and imagine a little.

Consider…. Do any of these strike a chord?

I know I’m losing good people due to lack of conflict resolution.

I know my staff have more potential, it just needs to be unlocked.

I want to increase efficiency in that department over there by encouraging free-flow of information - without infringing upon cherished roles.

I have some great talent here, I want this team to get out and do something together to learn to appreciate each other more.

There are some changes up ahead, I know with some extra skills in communal support we can all get through this and keep the team in-tact.

Recognising the existing culture of your team is the first step in planning a successful event. Ask yourself, do they see it the way you do? If not, you may need to start with activities that open up existing behaviour patterns, to get everyone on the same page.

Then you are ready for the great activities that only those clever team builders do well! Let’s face it, it’s a little daunting standing in front of folk you work with every day, becoming vulnerable, honest, and objective about who you are and who your colleague next to you is… especially if, let’s just say, this person really annoys you.

Unless you yourself attended drama school and have the natural bent to carry this all off (I doubt you have navigated here if you’re that kind, you’re probably out running the event already) you are willing to admit that you need a bit of help. Thankfully, it’s here.

What do we offer?

You will have sat down with you some months ahead of your event, to discuss in depth the unique personality mix you are bringing to the table, and what you are expecting the outcome to be. We will have helped you choose the tailor-made programme to fit your team to perfection, and you have been excited as you worked on any action points you were given in the run-up to the event.

But here’s the clincher…

Now, here is the inspirational difference as you all are all finally together, ready to start. This event is not taking place in a stuffy boardroom, or other clinical conference facility. You are sitting in one of the most idyllically peaceful hotel board rooms you have ever seen, and your team are ready to start whatever they are doing next, with enthusiasm and curiosity, simply because they are more full of anticipation about the walk they will be going on after dinner than anything else!

At Active Holiday 4u we believe the benefits of walking in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe can never be fully told.

Walking itself is the undeniable companion of a sharper and clearer mind, but couple this activity with breath-taking and memorable surroundings, the benefit becomes even more unspeakably valuable.

Take your team to an event that efficiently meets your goals, in a setting that burns the memories into the mind with unforgettably unspoiled memories.

And there you have it, game, set, match. To you.