Discount Schemes

Discount Schemes

Save up to a hefty 18% OFF your next holiday.

All discounts applied to the basic price will be deducted from the final balance.

1. Second Holiday Discount Scheme

5% discount off the second holiday you apply for.

This is for you if you are booking two or more holidays for a same year with Activeholiday4u.

2. Proposal Discount Scheme up to 8% (two recommendations)

If you have ever travelled with Activeholiday4u (in Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria or Romania) you can recommend our holidays to a friend (one who has never travelled with us before). If they book a holiday (and do not cancel) you will receive 4% discount off your own next holiday booking with us.

Only one discount can be given per traveller - two friends cannot both recommend to the same traveller and then both receive discounts.

Maximum uses 1

3. Loyalty Discount Scheme

Anybody who has travelled with Active Holiday 4u for a minimum of three times will get a 5% discount for every holiday in 2019 (whether booked in 2018 or 2019) and in the following five years. The Loyalty Discount Scheme can apply together with the Proposal Discount Scheme (4%) and also the Second Holiday Discount Scheme (5%). You could, therefore, reduce every holiday’s cost by between 5% and 18%! 

The duration of the Loyalty Discount Scheme is five years. You can then renew your membership. The criteria to renew and start the next five years’ membership is three holidays booked within the preceding five-year period. 

Unlimited uses

These discounts are not valid for group leaders.