Newsletter Autumn 2018

Newsletter Autumn 2018     


Here we have arrived again at the most colourful season of the year, when the leaves transform briefly into golden and brown tones, as if nature is changing from casual to evening dress.

Do not miss the autumn walk! Maybe the morning is rainy, but don’t give up hope of feeling that special autumn atmosphere while you can - when you walk through the forest, the harmony of the colours, the misty air and the crunch of dry leaves is too great a moment to miss before winter sets in.

When nature changes, we must change with it. After rain the soil can be very muddy and slippery, be sure to walk slowly and cautiously. Carefully select your clothes and don’t be deceived by the bright sun - keep dry, warm and cover your head, neck and hands.

Sturdy soles are of course a must for your footwear choice over slippery leaves! Sometimes, the misty weather can fool even experienced walkers, making it easier than usual to get lost, so don’t forget to bring your compass, map or GPS. And of course, whenever possible, keep with your group!

With some calm awareness you may be treated to the sight of deer, hare, squirrels and many kinds of birds. To be tuned into the sounds of nature is a great help to the soul as well… to help create peace of mind, give you the chance to sort out your thoughts and promote happiness.

So, keep enjoying our beautiful English woodland this autumn and rejuvenate your outlook.

Fabulous holidays for you

7 to 14 April:

Stunning Mallorca holiday, where you get everything you wish for, from coastal walking, high mountains, to boat trips – and as always, in great company.

11 to 17 June:

Leisurely holiday in the Danube bend, with sightseeing in Budapest, Hungary.

Includes brand-new programmes waiting for you: horse show, carriage ride, sightseeing in the historic city of Vac,

Royal palace in Godollo and naturally the Knight show and Royal Feast.

18 to 24 September:

Spectacular walks in the Carpathians in Romania – an unforgettable, unique experience guaranteed .

1 to 8 October:

Explore the breathtaking Croatian National Parks with us - amazing scenery, waterfall systems, high mountains, coast and much more.

Do not forget, the holidays are available for small or large private groups. Why not choose one and contact us today?

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