Newsletter Christmas 2018

Newsletter Christmas 2018


Dear Reader,


We are delighted to write to you at this special time of year, and hope to share a few thoughts that will light up your heart as you read.

Christmas is to some a religious celebration, to others it isn’t, but we all have in common the struggle with the material side of it.

We innately feel some measure of guilt if we give or receive expensive or unnecessary gits. We maybe also buy too many elaborate decorations and often consume way too much food! Some enjoy showing what they own, and don’t mind at all - others borrow money to keep up with the neighbours and cover up the fact they can’t really afford it all.

So where are standing in the “Christmas Shopping Crowd”?

I want to encourage you to enjoy the heart of Christmas this year. More than gifts and cards and gatherings, enjoy spending time with your loved ones. That’s easy for you to say, I hear you protest, as you’re busy ticking so many boxes. But really, do you need them all ticked? Perhaps leave a few this year… go on, I give you permission! Focus more on preparing yourself.

Will you turn up to that party you planned and organised too tired to actually talk meaningfully, even if you are well-dressed?

Take some time to rest and be ready to talk, that way you will enjoy it more, and share something greater than a glass of mulled wine - you will share something of yourself.

Sometimes we feel that if only a gift can be “amazing” enough, that it will make up for lost time spent with someone, but we need to ask ourselves if that is true.

We should use Christmas as a time to look forward and plan for more time with that person throughout the year, maybe get together with them and compare your new diaries and pencil in some dates. That will mean more than any gift.

It’s impossible to give a year’s worth of love and care in one party, or one gift. Get the bigger view of your friends’ and family’s needs, and shorten your list of gifts if you need to - to find time for those who need you most.

We wish all of our customers a heart-felt, warm, and memorable Christmas, with family and friends – and maybe even some moments with those just outside your circle who need a hug or a smile in their lonely - or painful - season, too.

Don’t forget the selected destinations we offer are one way to make that memorable, quality time continue on in 2019, to keep the connections warm and bright all through 2019.