Newsletter Winter 2018

The coldest season of the year

I hope you had great Christmas and have recovered from the slower pace and are back to some good, hearty walking.

As we know, an active lifestyle helps to feel vibrant whilst also keeping the immune system strong, which can better protect us against flu and other viruses.

There is something about walking in winter that is especially exhilarating, isn’t there?

Another great thing about walking at this time of year is undoubtedly the lack of foliage to hide wildlife. I love watching the squirrels and have seen a lot lately. Maybe near you the walks reward you with views of deer, roes, and foxes. The most common site for us all would be the birds.

If you’re interested in birds, no doubt you’ll have heard of the Big Garden Bird Watch (26 – 28 January) being promoted by the RSPB who celebrate their 40th anniversary this year

Of course, in the woodland you may well spot more, though according to the Woodland Trust’s Bird section, not as many as we might wish…

“Unfortunately, many of our woodland species are in decline, with a 20% drop in woodland bird numbers recorded between 1970 and 2013. Species that have undergone significant declines include bullfinch, lesser spotted woodpecker, marsh tit, song thrush, spotted flycatcher and willow warbler to name just a few.

Roughly one in four of the UK's threatened bird species are found in woodland, which is more than any other habitat type.

These worrying statistics make the protection, restoration and creation of native woodland more important than ever.”

The birds from the northern countries and Europe are visiting with us now, of course, escaping the very cold winter and lack of food in their home countries. I love to take binoculars and walk quietly so as to not miss any and listen for their unique song. It’s good fun.

We don’t let the winter months get us down especially if we remember to laugh! The health benefits of laughing are now well acknowledged, so keep your social life warm, keep walking with old friends, or maybe suggest a walk instead of a coffee with a new friend. Walking and talking through the forest help to keep hearts warm, no matter how cold the weather is.


Right, I’m off, who’s up for a walk?


We wish you “wonderful winter walks” in 2019.


Holiday news:


January is the last chance to apply for the Mallorca walking holiday and Visegrad sightseeing holiday.


At the Mallorca holiday, you have a great experience of the Tramuntana Mountain.

·    Every walking Day features 2 different levels of guided walks

·    The walking paths reach Valdemossa, Cala Deia, Cuber reservoir,

Biniaraix, Lluc Monastery, Soler and many peaks.

·    You have an opportunity to visit Cala Turent or Port the Sa Calobra for a fabulous bay.

·    You will also have time to roam on Palma`s Medieval alleys.


At the Visegrad holiday, you can enjoy great entertainment in the picturesque Danube Bend in Hungary

Enjoyable Renaissance feast and Knight show transports you back to the Middle Ages.


·      Full day sightseeing in Budapest with river cruise and delicious lunch in the Kossuth ship.

·      Horse show, a quaint carriage ride with lunch and wine.

·      Tour to Szentendre and visiting Outdoor Folk Museum.

·      Royal palace in Godollo and visiting the historical city of Vac.

·      Salamon tower and Citadel in Visegrad.

·      A picnic lunch in the forest and bowling competition… besides much more!

·      A lot of fun in a 4* Spa hotel. Enjoy the relax in your superior room.

Don't miss out on these last-minute opportunities. For more information or to apply email

Have a great holiday!